Starting The Senior Care Conversation In Your Family

Starting the conversation about skilled nursing communities can be difficult. These tips will help.

Starting The Senior Care Conversation In Your Family

Before you ever bring up the idea of moving into a senior care community with your elderly loved one, you need to have the conversation with other family members. Depending on the dynamics of your family, you may need to talk with your sibling(s), other parent, or even cousins about the process of transitioning your loved one into a skilled nursing community. Getting on the same page as everyone involved will help make the conversation with your loved one much easier.

Talk about whether it’s time or not.

It’s important for everyone involved to agree that the time has come for your loved one to make the transition into a senior care community. If their quality of life has been diminishing or they are showing early signs of dementia, then the time has probably come to make the transition. However, if everyone isn’t on the same page, then it will be difficult to actually talk to your loved one about moving. Look for signs and symptoms that they need more assistance than what your family can provide. If you find yourself constantly worried about their health, safety, and security, now might be the time to make the transition. To help get the conversation started, check out the tips we provide for talking with your loved one about the transition in our free checklist download. 

Talk about possible facilities.

Being prepared for your conversation will make it much easier. Knowing the local senior care facilities and your options will help guide you in making preparations and final choices. When it comes to facilities, you have to think beyond what’s convenient for you. Sure, you’ll want to choose a community that is close by so you can visit, but you have to think about your loved one actually living there. Look for great senior care amenities like private suites, open community areas, outdoor access, kitchen areas, and special areas your loved one will enjoy. It’s also important to choose a community that offers activities your loved one will enjoy. Be sure you know what to look for in a community before you start touring. Our download, “Helping Your Loved One Thrive” includes a list of what to look for in skilled nursing communities.

Talk about the finances.

This most likely won’t be a fun part of the conversation. If your loved one has insurance and savings, then the decision and conversation will be much easier. However, in most cases, you and your family will need to help support your loved one. Talk about who will be responsible for the handling finances, who will contribute to payments, and who will deal with the insurance aspect of all of it.

You know your family dynamics better than anyone else. Decide who should be part of this conversation and make sure everyone involved is aware that you are having the conversation before it takes place. If you spring this on them, their reactions may not be what you need and the conversation may end up not being constructive. Prepare for it by understanding your viewpoint and having done some research. Above all else, keep your elderly loved one in mind as you start making plans and talking about the options.

When you’re ready, the friendly staff at Green House Cottages of Carmel is more than happy to talk to you about our community and how we help seniors thrive in home environment. Contact us with any questions you might have.


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