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The Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), Registered Nurses (RN), and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) that work at Green House Cottages of Carmel are energetic, compassionate, cooperative, and courteous. They understand the importance of creating loving homes where Elders can continue to live fulfilling lives while being supported by quality care, choice, and positive relationships.

about our team

The Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) at Green House Cottages of Carmel work as Shahbaz, a versatile worker who provides a wide range of assistance. Together, the teams are self-managed and supported by clinical teams. Each member of a team assumes rotating responsibilities, so accountability, duties, and communication, and reporting are shared. The team of Shahbaz, known as Shahbazim, works with a Clinical Support Team made up of nurses, social workers, activity professionals, therapists, dietitians, and physicians. This team, our Elders, the Shahbazim, and family all work together to bring personalized care for each home at Green House Cottages of Carmel.

Shahbaz : noun

– a person charged with the honor of nurturing, sustaining, and caring for the Elders who live at Green House Cottages.

senior care jobs

Certified Nurses Assistant

CNA duties at Green House are overseen by and accountable to the team of Shahbazim whereas in a traditional organization they are told what to do by management and are accountable to this entity. The Team of Shahbazim at the Green House are multi-skilled, handling the management of the home as well as caring for and building relationships with the Elders. Additional training is received to prepare staff for handling these duties. In a traditional setting, CNAs are isolated specialists working under many levels of management with limited information. The Shahbazim and the Elders are partners in the decisions made in the homes with a high level of commitment to quality care and meaningful living.

Registered Nurse & Licensed Practical Nurses

The Shahbazim/CNAs do not directly report to the nurses in the Green House, but instead work in partnership. The nurse has the opportunity to practice in expanded professional roles to achieve person-directed care. The nurses are in the home throughout the day and work with the Shahbazim and the Elders, serving as care role models, gerontological nurses, mentors, and teachers. The Elders being served in The Green House homes have complex skilled nursing needs. Nurses assess and meet these clinical needs while supporting the quality of life of each Elder.

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